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St. Eligius Guild


St. Eligius Guild is a vibrant and dedicated group of mothers actively involved in enhancing children's activities within the parish and contributing to various service projects and local philanthropies. The guild plays a vital role in organizing and participating in exciting parish events such as Trunk or Treat, St. Nick’s Feast, Mardi Gras Celebration, and Easter Picnic. Their commitment extends beyond parish activities, as they actively engage in service projects and provide support to local charities during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Key Activities and Initiatives:
- Children’s Activities: Coordinating and enhancing children’s activities within the parish, fostering a vibrant and engaging community life.
- Parish Events: Active involvement in parish events like Trunk or Treat, St. Nick’s Feast, Mardi Gras Celebration, and Easter Picnic, creating memorable experiences for the community.
- Fundraiser at Christmas: Organizing a yearly fundraiser at Christmas to support various causes and community initiatives.
- Thanksgiving and Christmas Support: Extending support to those in need during Thanksgiving and Christmas, reflecting a spirit of generosity and compassion.
- Monthly Meetings: Regular meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, from September through April, in the SEAS Café, fostering fellowship and collaboration.
- Child Care Available: Providing child care during meetings to accommodate members and ensure their active participation.
- Welcoming New Members: Always welcoming new members to join and contribute to the guild's meaningful activities.

Contact Information:
- Contact Person: Haley Gillespie
- Phone: 417-861-7587

St. Eligius Guild invites mothers and individuals passionate about community service and enriching parish life to join their vibrant group. Together, they make a positive impact, creating a warm and supportive community for all. 
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