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Holy Sews Ministry

Holy Sews Ministry: "Mending Hearts One Stitch at a Time"

Holy Sews Ministry is a compassionate response to the call to serve as God’s hands in the world, offering support and solace to families experiencing the perinatal death of a child. The ministry focuses on providing handmade infant burial clothing for families who lose a baby between gestational weeks 16-25. These infants are often too small for readily available clothing, and Holy Sews seeks to fill this gap by offering handmade layettes to affected families.

Layette Components:
The layettes provided by Holy Sews consist of several components, each crafted with care and empathy:
- Small fleece blanket
- Hooded wrap with matching tunic
- Knitted cap
- Tiny teddy bear
- Prayer card, including space for baby information and footprint

Holy Sews supplies hospitals, funeral homes, or directly to families with a stack of layettes. Families can choose from these layettes at no cost, easing the burden during a difficult time.

Volunteer Opportunities:
The ministry welcomes volunteers interested in contributing their time and talent. Opportunities include:
- Sewing
- Knitting
- Crocheting
- Material cutting
- Packaging
- Organizational support

How to Get Involved:
If you are interested in volunteering or supporting Holy Sews through donations, please contact:
Pam Stangeland, Holy Sews Missouri Chapter Coordinator
- Phone: 417-860-3808
- Email: stuart.stangeland@mchsi.com

Holy Sews Ministry is dedicated to "Mending Hearts One Stitch at a Time," offering comfort and handmade items to families facing the loss of a precious infant. 

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