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Comforts from the Heart

Comforts from the Heart Quilters Ministry

The mission of Comforts from the Heart Quilters is to extend care, comfort, and compassion to individuals facing hardship in the community. Through the creation and donation of beautiful quilts, the ministry aims to convey God's Word and the love of the "Comforter," providing messages of hope and love to those in need.

1. Quilt Creation: The group engages in the creation of various-sized quilts, crafted with care and dedication.
2. Donations to Agencies: The quilts produced by Comforts from the Heart are donated to 24 different agencies. These agencies, in turn, distribute the quilts to their clients, accompanied by messages of hope and love from the ministry.

Meeting Schedule:
- When: Year Round, 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month
- Time: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
- Location: American Legion Post 69, 149 Memorial Plaza, Springfield, MO 65806

Join the Ministry:
The group welcomes individuals interested in joining their efforts and learning more about this impactful ministry. If you would like to be a part of Comforts from the Heart Quilters, feel free to attend their meetings and connect with Carmen Whorley.

Contact Information:
- Carmen Whorley
- Email:qltz4u@yahoo.com
- Phone: 417-350-8292

Comforts from the Heart Quilters Ministry exemplifies the power of creativity, compassion, and community outreach, making a positive impact through the warmth and solace of handmade quilts.

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The generosity and talent of the Comforts from the Heart Quilters is wonderful. The "Log Cabin" quilt they created, measuring 53”x71”, was a beautiful addition to the "2023 Harvest Home" Silent Auction at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church.

In 2022, Comforts from the Heart achieved an incredible feat by creating 282 Comfort Quilts. Their generosity extended to various agencies, with 144 quilts blessing organizations such as Good Samaritan Boys Ranch, Mother’s House in Hayti, MO, Newborns in Need, Abilities First, Springfield Villa, Laura’s Home, the Native American Women’s Shelter in Arizona, and Franciscan Villa.

The dedication and kindness of the Comforts from the Heart Quilters are truly making a positive impact in the community. The quilts donated to Franciscan Villa, Laura’s Home, and Abilities First exemplify their commitment to spreading warmth and comfort to those in need.