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Parish Committees

Parish Committees at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church provide various avenues for parishioners to get involved. Here is an overview of some committees and their respective contacts:

1. Liturgy Committee:
   - Members with a working knowledge of the Church's liturgy and rituals.
   - Purpose: Develop and support the liturgical prayer life of the parish.
   - Contact: Mark Bernskoetter, 417-861-3520

2. Art & Environment Committee:
   - Responsible for setting up the environment (decorations) for liturgical celebrations.
   - Requires talents, skills, energy, and time, especially during Christmas and Easter.
   - Contact: Chris Haik, 417-881-0453

3. Stewardship Committee:
   - Provides guidance and programming for living out the call to give generously.
   - Hosts an annual Stewardship Fair.
   - Contact: Shelby Williams, 417-887-6472 x603

4. SEAS Social Committee:
   - Brings people together as a community at social events.
   - Organizes various events like family picnics, Super Bowl parties, and more.
   - Contact: Shelby Williams, 417-887-6472 x603

5. Social Concerns Committee:
   - NEW committee focused on helping parishioners understand Church teachings on Social Justice.
   - Plans and sponsors social concern activities.
   - Contact: Sr. Bernadette, 417-576-1313

6. Welcoming Committee:
   - Welcomes new parishioners on the third Sunday of each month after the 11:15 am Mass.
   - Contact: Tom Giovanni, 417-619-3289

7. Safety and Security Committee:
   - Provides safety and security assistance for parish events and special occasions.
   - Involves walking patrols, golf cart operations, parking and traffic direction, and security for dignitaries.
   - Contact: Dan Murphy, 417-849-7367, murphyd7@sbcglobal.net

For those interested in joining or learning more about a committee, please reach out to the respective contacts provided.