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St. Bernadette's Guild


St. Bernadette's Guild at SEAS is a dynamic and welcoming group with a core focus on spiritual development and community support. This vibrant guild extends an open invitation to new members who share a passion for spiritual growth and meaningful service.

St. Bernadette's Guild 2024 Schedule:
May 9: Meeting at SEAS Café, 1PM
June 13: Meeting at SEAS Café, 1PM
July: No Meeting
August 8: Restaurant Luncheon, Prepare Baskets for Harvest Home Festival
September: No Meeting
October 10: Meeting at SEAS Café, 1PM
November 14: Meeting at SEAS Café, 1PM
December 12: Christmas Restaurant Luncheon

Guild Activities and Meetings:
- Monthly Meetings: Held on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 1:00 PM at SEAS Cafe. (No meeting in July.)
- BUNCO Fun: Enjoy BUNCO on the 2nd Monday at 1:00 PM at SEAS Cafe.

Mission and Purpose:
- Spiritual Development: St. Bernadette's Guild centers on spiritual growth, fostering a deep connection with faith and community.
- Supportive Community: The guild serves as a supportive network among its members and extends its support to other parishioners and families in need.

Key Initiatives and Events:
- Ladies Day of Inspiration: The guild sponsors this inspirational event during Lent, welcoming ladies (and men) from the Springfield area.
- Prayerful Gatherings: Meetings include spiritual presentations and collective prayer requests, creating a space for shared faith experiences.
- Community Engagement: Actively supporting the priest's requests to assist families and contributing to local charities, the guild is committed to making a positive impact.

Social Gatherings:
- Special Luncheons: St. Bernadette's Guild enjoys special luncheons during Christmas, St. Valentine's Day, and August. The August luncheon includes a hands-on project of assembling baskets for the silent auction at SEAS Harvest Home Festival.
- Generous Outreach: The guild contributes to SEAS Vacation Bible School and various local charities, embodying the spirit of giving back.

Membership and Inclusivity:
- New Members Welcome: St. Bernadette's Guild warmly welcomes new members to join their spiritual journey and community-building efforts.
- Visit and Join: Interested individuals are encouraged to visit and explore the possibility of becoming a part of this wonderful group.

Contact Information:
- Contact Person: Debbie Davis
- Phone: 417-889-2124

St. Bernadette's Guild invites you to nourish your spirit, build meaningful connections, and make a positive impact on the community. Join in the camaraderie and shared faith experiences! 

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