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Catholic Moms Group


Catholic Moms Group is a multi-parish community, and ALL are welcome, even those that are not Catholic. We are passionate about sharing our Catholic faith and now have non-Catholic moms who have children attending Catholic schools participating in the Catholic Moms' Group.

About: We are a group of Catholic Moms with a common purpose and mission.
Purpose: To strengthen our Catholic faith and families within our community.
Mission: As Mothers and beloved daughters of God, we desire to give our best to God, our families, and the Body of Christ. We desire to strengthen our Catholic faith and families. We recognize that we are part of the Body of Christ and that we need one another in order to reach that goal. Together we can carry our crosses, draw closer to Christ, and spread the Gospel to as many as possible, starting with our own families.

Key Highlights and Activities:
- Weekly Bible Study: The group meets on Tuesdays from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM during the school year for a weekly Bible study in the Adult Ed Room, focusing on deepening their understanding of the Scriptures.
- Sunday Readings Exploration: Participants engage in studying the Sunday readings, enhancing their preparation for Mass and fostering a meaningful connection with the Word of God.
- Connection and Fellowship: The group provides a platform for Catholic mothers to connect, share experiences, and build supportive relationships within the community.
- Strengths of the Group: A strong emphasis on scripture study, mutual upliftment, prayer, honesty, trust, building the domestic church, a biweekly newsletter, and a shared desire to know Jesus better through the sacraments and scripture.
- Weekly and Monthly Activities: In addition to weekly scripture study, the group engages in small group discussions, personal faith-building activities, monthly service at the USDA Food Pantry, Mom's Night Out, quarterly book club meetings, and support area nonprofits who are passionate about issues of life and caring for those living in poverty. 

Contacts for More Information:
- Heather Neubauer: [email protected]
- Kate Greer: [email protected]

Catholic Moms Group extends a warm invitation to Catholic mothers seeking spiritual growth, community, and a supportive network on their journey of faith and family. 

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