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Celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation
Weekly Confessions

Confessions are offered every Saturday from 3:00 PM-4:00 PM, or by appointment.
To make an appointment for Reconciliation please call 417-887-6472.

Examination of Conscience for the Sacrament of Reconciliation:

Before participating in the sacrament of reconciliation, take some time for a thorough examination of conscience. Reflect on the following areas:

Worship of God:
1. Have I failed to worship God in private and communal prayer?
2. Do I receive the sacraments regularly?
3. Do I keep Sundays and holy days sacred?
4. Do I sincerely want to be set free from sin and turn again to God?

Use of God's Gifts:
1. How have I failed to use the gifts of God in daily living?
2. Do I respect my own body as a gift from God?
3. Do I control my vices, including abuses of food and drink?
4. Have I made good use of the gifts God has given me?

Relationships with Others:
1. How have I failed in my relationships with others?
2. Do I contribute to the well-being of my family?
3. Am I patient and loving in my household?
4. Have I been faithful in my relationships?
5. Have I respected the freedom and rights of others?

Sharing God's Love:
1. Have I failed to share God’s love with the world?
2. Do I share my time and treasure with those in need?
3. When I saw someone in need, did I help them?

General Conduct:
1. Do I work too hard and neglect my family and health?
2. Have I been lazy or given too much time to leisure?
3. Have I perpetuated prejudices or stereotypes?
4. Do I use the earth’s resources wisely?

Communal Penance Service:
Our parish offers communal penance services during Advent and Lent. Here is an outline of the service:
1. Opening hymn and prayer
2. Liturgy of the Word (scripture readings and psalm)
3. Homily
4. Act of Contrition – prayed together
5. Individual confession – multiple priests available

What to Expect:
1. Gather in the church without assigned seating.
2. Participate in liturgy with readings and a homily.
3. Pray the Act of Contrition together.
4. Line up for individual confession when ready.
5. Approach a priest for confession.
Prepare your heart for this sacrament of reconciliation, and may it bring you peace and spiritual renewal.

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