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Liturgical Ministries

The liturgical ministries at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church provide opportunities for active participation in the worship services. Here is an overview of the liturgical ministries and their respective contacts:

1. Ushers:
   - Open to high school age and older.
   - Responsibilities include greeting, seating, collecting offerings, distributing materials, and creating a welcoming environment.
   - Contact: Dan Murphy, 417-887-2815, [email protected]

2. Greeters:
   - Open to individuals and families welcoming and greeting people at Mass.
   - Contact: Sharon Giboney, 417-880-1002

3. Readers:
   - Individuals comfortable proclaiming God's Word before a large group.
   - Preparation before Sunday liturgy is necessary.
   - Contact: Barbara Bumberry, 417-883-7733

4. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion:
   - Open to those who have been confirmed.
   - Ministers are commissioned by the Bishop for three years.
   - Contact: Mark & Renae Bernskoetter, 417-861-3520

5. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to the Homebound:
   - Volunteers taking Holy Communion to homebound parishioners.
   - Contact: Sr. Bernadette, 417-576-1313

6. Altar Servers:
   - Open to 4th grade and older, assisting the presider at Mass.
   - Contact: Dan Harter, 417-732-2916

7. Children’s Liturgy of the Word:
   - Leading discussions about Sunday readings for kindergarten-2nd grade during Mass.
   - Training provided.
   - Contact: Denise Dumars, 417-887-6472, ext. 610

8. Liturgical Coordinator:
   - Requires a person to be a commissioned Eucharistic Minister.
   - Responsibilities include overseeing ministry positions, preparing elements, and maintaining items before and after Mass.
   - Contact: Parish Office, 417-887-6472