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Facility & Landscaping

Facility & Landscaping Volunteer Opportunities:

1.  Prayer Garden Volunteers:   - Description: Assistance is needed for routine maintenance and planting work within the prayer garden.
   - Tasks:
     - Weed control (spraying the trail)
     - Watering beds during summer months
     - Occasional construction of new planting beds
     - Pruning or removing existing trees
   - Contact: Kelly Hayes, 417-838-3269

2. General Indoor Cleaning:
   - Description: Individuals, families, or groups of friends are needed to rotate weekly for tasks such as straightening up, vacuuming, and light cleaning after weekend masses.
   - Tasks:
     - Straightening up
     - Vacuuming
     - Light cleaning
   - Contact: Kelly Hayes, 417-838-3269

3. Parish Clean-up Days:
   - Description: Biannual events (spring & fall) where volunteers come together for several hours to spruce up the parish building and grounds.
   - Tasks:
     - General cleaning
     - Minor repairs
     - Planting
     - Trimming
     - Mulching
   - Contact: Chris Haik, 417-881-0453

Note: Parish Clean-up Days are family-friendly, and children are welcome to join in the efforts to maintain the beauty of the parish facilities.

Your contributions, whether big or small, help keep the parish environment welcoming and well-maintained. Thank you for considering these volunteer opportunities! 

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