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Safe Environment

2022-23 Code of Conduct - ADULT

2022-23 Code of Conduct - MINOR

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The Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau is committed to the protection of children and youth. Through the Diocese's Safe Environment program, more than 4,700 people have training to ensure a safe environment for our youth. 

An effective safe environment program will have the following components:

A code of conduct for clergy and for any other paid personnel and volunteers in positions of trust who have regular contact with children and young people. 

Training for all adults who work with children that consists of:

• Signs an adult may see in a child who is abused

• Signs an adult may see in a person who abuses children

• What actions an adult should take when they believe child abuse of any kind may be occurring 

A training program for children that includes age appropriate materials pertaining to personal safety that conforms to Catholic teachings.