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Safe Environment

2023-24 Code of Conduct - ADULT

Code of Conduct - MINOR

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The Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau is strongly committed to the protection of children and youth. Their Safe Environment program aims to create a secure environment for young people by implementing various measures. Here are the key components of their Safe Environment program:

1. Code of Conduct: There is a defined code of conduct for clergy, paid personnel, and volunteers in positions of trust who have regular contact with children and young people.

2. Training for Adults: All adults working with children undergo training. This training covers:
   - Signs that an adult may observe in a child who is being abused.
   - Signs that an adult may observe in a person who is abusing children.
   - Appropriate actions to take when an adult believes child abuse may be occurring.

3. Training for Children: A training program is in place for children. This program includes age-appropriate materials related to personal safety that align with Catholic teachings.

By implementing these measures, the Diocese seeks to ensure a safe and secure environment for children and youth. Over 4,700 individuals have received training through this program, highlighting the commitment to safeguarding the well-being of the youth within the diocese.