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PCCW is affiliated with the National Council of Catholic Women and actis through its membership to support, empower and educate all catholic women in spirituality, leadership and service. Council of Catholic Women programs, at every level, respond with Gospel values to the needs of the Church and society in the modern world.

Serve meals at the annual Fall Bazaar fundraiser. One members send monthly cards to parishioners on the sick/pray list. Send cards to SEAS parishioners in nursing home. Send Christmas cards & other occasion cards to St. Jude’s Boys and Girls Ranch in Nevada.
SEAS PCCW raised over $10,000 for the Parish in 2022 thanks to all the wonderful SEAS Parishioners!

All the women of the parish are members. This group is for all ages. PCCW does many projects and donation in many areas of the church and outside areas that are in need.

PCCW helps many areas with donations and in the church. Come to a meeting to receive knowledge how the National Council of Catholic works to help members of the Catholic Church. The organization was started by United States Bishops 102 years ago. There are several members of SEAS Women that have attended the National Convention.

There are opportunities for Leadership, Service, and Spiritual works. The National Council has a leadership program. When attending a National Convention we have learned about Box of Joy, information on Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking, Association of Grandparents, and other information to bring back to the parish's. They can become an officer of their local Parish, Deanery 3&4, the Diocesan and National levels. Members that attend the Diocesan and National convention can hear from speakers, priests, and bishops. Those who attend the National Conventions bring back many ways to help the parish and religious education.

For more information contact: Judy Carley 417-337-1263 or Betty Kornblum 417-830-0077

SEAS PCCW meets on the first Tuesday of each month.  We start in the Chapel at 6:00 PM praying the Rosary before the Meeting in the Parish Office Conference Room at 6:30 PM.   

For more info, visit www.nccw.org.

Join us! 

On April 4th the new PCCW officers were installed at the meeting with Father Kiefer conducting the installation. New officers are co-presidents Judy Carley and Betty Kornblum, Vice President 
Mary Fox, Secretary Cindy Connelly, and Treasurer Nancy Slezak. Congratulations to the new officers!