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The SEAS Parish Council of Catholic Women (PCCW) is a vibrant and dedicated group affiliated with the National Council of Catholic Women. Committed to supporting, empowering, and educating all Catholic women, PCCW focuses on spirituality, leadership, and service in alignment with Gospel values.

Key Programs and Initiatives:
1. Annual Fall Bazaar Fundraiser:
   - Members actively serve meals to support the parish during this essential fundraising event.

2. Monthly Cards for Well-Wishing:
   - One of the heartfelt initiatives involves sending monthly cards to parishioners on the sick/pray list.

3. Outreach to Nursing Homes:
   - PCCW sends cards to SEAS parishioners in nursing homes, fostering a sense of connection and care.

4. Support for St. Jude’s Boys and Girls Ranch:
   - Members extend their generosity by sending Christmas cards and cards for other occasions to St. Jude’s Boys and Girls Ranch in Nevada.

Financial Impact:
In 2022, SEAS PCCW raised over $10,000 for the parish, a testament to the collective efforts of the wonderful SEAS parishioners.

Membership and Inclusivity:
- All women of the parish are considered members, creating a diverse and inclusive group across ages.
- PCCW welcomes women of all ages and backgrounds to participate in various projects and donations within the church and beyond.

Leadership, Service, and Spiritual Growth:
- Opportunities abound for leadership, service, and spiritual works within PCCW.
- The National Council of Catholic Women offers a leadership program, providing valuable skills and experiences.

National Council Involvement:
- SEAS PCCW members actively participate at the local, Deanery 3&4, Diocesan, and National levels.
- Attendees of Diocesan and National conventions gain insights from speakers, priests, and bishops, bringing back valuable information and ideas for the parish.

Meetings and Contacts:
- Meeting Schedule: Second Thursday of each month at 10:00 AM in Room 5.
- Contacts:
  - Judy Carley: 417-337-1263
  - Betty Kornblum: 417-830-0077

Join SEAS PCCW: Embrace the spirit of sisterhood, service, and spiritual growth. Whether you're interested in leadership roles, service projects, or deepening your faith, SEAS PCCW welcomes you with open arms!

For more information or to get involved, reach out to Judy Carley or Betty Kornblum. Let's make a positive impact together! 

For more info, visit www.nccw.org.
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January 2023
Catholic Charities ‐ Items for Life House ‐ Crib $ 68.90
Seminarian Wyatt McFall ‐ February, March, April $ 150.00
Donation to SEAS ‐ Fr. Keifer ‐ For Parish Sign $ 1,500.00
February 2023
Donation to Sr. Sharon Miller, Mother’s House, Hayti MO quarterly (January, February, March) $ 300.00
Seminarian Nick Zummo quarterly payment March, April, May $ 150.00
April 2023
Donation to Whole Kids Outreach, Ellington MO $ 500.00
May 2023
Donation to Sr. Sharon Miller, Mother’s House, Hayti MO quarterly (April, May, June) $ 300.00
June 2023
SEAS Vacation Bible School $ 300.00
Donation to Diocese Conference ‐ Called to be Holy $ 400.00
August 2023
Donation to Sr. Sharon Miller, Mother’s House, Hayti MO quarterly (July, August, September) $ 300.00
Rev Nick Zummo ‐ For continued studies (July, August, September) $ 150.00
Donation to Dinner for Life ‐ Catholic Charities $ 300.00
September 2023
Donation to Catholic Women's Conference ‐ Holy Trinity Parish $ 500.00
October 2023
Donation to Catholic Charities for Lunch $ 100.00
Rev Nick Zummo ‐ For continued studies (October, November, December) $ 150.00
Donation to Sr. Sharon Miller, Mother’s House, Hayti MO quarterly (October, November, December) $ 300.00
Donation to Harmony House $ 200.00
November 2023
Donation to St. Vincent de Paul for Food vouchers for their clients for the holidays $ 750.00
Donation to Sr. Bernadette Goessling to assist the needy families she helps. $ 250.00
December 2023
Donation to Fr. Keifer, Pastor $ 3,000.00
TOTAL $ 9,668.90

On April 4th the new PCCW officers were installed at the meeting with Father Kiefer conducting the installation. New officers are co-presidents Judy Carley and Betty Kornblum, Vice President 
Mary Fox, Secretary Cindy Connelly, and Treasurer Nancy Slezak. Congratulations to the new officers!